About Endean Music

Although we are new on the scene we are determined to offer you Brand Name products at the same or lower prices that the big online companies offer.

We are adding new products every day as well as new Brands to choose from. At this time we havetens of thousands of items to add to our catalog and we are working hard to list them as fast as we can. If you are looking for a product not listed please feel free to contact us and let us know and we will get it listed asap.

Our Own line of Endean Guitars and Basses that were previously manufactured over seas are now being manufactured to our specs using the newest CNC technologies and are assembled and set up by hand right here in the US and will be available soon.

We are using the best quality materials and components available from the headstock to the back strap button to make our guitars and basses and they are higher quality than any "Custom Shop" insruments available from the major companies and will cost A LOT less.

We will also be offering custom OEM branding.

Good Jams To All!
Phil Endean
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